Bank of Baroda Declared Result for Admission to Baroda Manipal School of Banking





Bank of Baroda released the list of 300 candidates, found provisionally eligible for admission to the 13th Batch (2014-15) of one-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma Course in Banking & Finance at Baroda Manipal School of Banking, Bengaluru.

The appointment of selected candidates is subject to their being found medically fit and verification of their eligibility/ submission of requisite certificates/ documents.

The results are based on the basis of candidate’s performance in the Online test (conducted on 14 August 2014), Group Discussion and Personal Interview — conducted from 08 September 2014 to 14 September 2014 of candidates qualifying the online test.

The intimation about the admission process along with the details regarding the medical examination, completion of further formalities, etc. is being sent to the provisionally selected candidates by e-mail and/or Post. The details of the admission and other formalities to be completed by the candidates before their reporting at the campus will be contained in the offer letter.

Candidates have to report for admission to the 13th Batch at the Baroda Manipal School of Banking Campus, Bengaluru on 27 October 2014.

The Bank also released the category-wise list of 600 candidates who shall be considered for the 14th and 15th batches (300 candidates per batch) and against the drop outs/cancellations.

A ‘Waiting list’ of 304 candidates, who shall be considered against drop-outs/ cancellations, is also being published. This waiting list would be utilized only after the respective list for the 14th and 15th batches are exhausted. The lists for the 14th and 15th batches and the Waiting List would remain valid till the commencement of the last batch (i.e. 15th Batch).

The marks of candidates, who have appeared for Group Discussion and Interview, will be displayed on the bank’s website on 15 October 2014.

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